Is ChatGPT Free?

Govind Dheda

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, and this AGL by OpenAI has become one of the fastest-growing services worldwide, bringing major impact. In simple terms, it is an artificial intelligence that can understand questions and respond in natural language in a conversational way.

Before proceeding, we want to clarify that there is a clear difference between GPT and ChatGPT. It is simple: GPT is an AGL model developed by OpenAI that is trained on massive datasets, whereas ChatGPT is more like a user interface for conversation where you can prompt and get a response. So let us learn more about ChatGPT. Is it free or paid?

Is Chat GPT Free?

Yes, ChatGPT is free and developed by OpenAI. However, before proceeding, you should know that two different versions of ChatGPT are available in the market. One is free, and the other one is paid. OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4, is not free. It would be best if you had ChatGPT Plus Subscription to access it, which costs $25 per month. The predecessor model, GPT3.5, is free to use on ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground.

However, ChatGPT 3.5 has some limitations and takes more time to generate a response. On the other hand, ChatGPT 4 has more capabilities and a faster response time, with priority access to new features like plugins. Nevertheless, ChatGPT has a cap on prompt limitation.

Both versions have their pros and cons, but they have similar functionality. The upgraded version has more perks, but ChatGPT’s free version is enough for regular users. Anyone can start using ChatGPT for free. You can use it for unlimited use and free access if the company offers it. It is a powerful tool to boost productivity and assist you with ideas, answering questions, coding assistance, or anything you want to write about. All you need is an OpenAI account to get access to ChatGPT.

How can I Use ChatGPT for Free?

Users need to have an OpenAI account to get access to ChatGPT. Here is a guide on how to create an account.

  • Go to the OpenAI Platform and create an account with your email address or continue with Google or Microsoft.
  • Verify your account by providing your mobile number when prompted by OpenAI.
  • Once you have created an account, you can start using ChatGPT.

How to Use ChatGPT for Free.

You can use ChatGPT for free on the OpenAI ChatGPT website, or you can also use ChatGPT for free from the Apple App Store in selected regions. It is not yet available for Android, but the company is working on it.

  • Visit ChatGPT on your browser and log in with your OpenAI account.
  • At the bottom, you will see a text prompt where you can write your prompt and submit it.

If you want a faster response, you can opt for the ChatGPT Plus Subscription, which gives you access to the GPT-4 AGL model. It supports 26 different languages, and with GPT-4, you can also interpret text alongside images.

There is no limit to how much you can use ChatGPT in one day. The company spends almost $3 million monthly to continue offering ChatGPT for free. However, please remember that it is not up to date with current events and has a limited dataset until 2021.

How to Use GPT-4 Model on ChatGPT

Since it is faster, more reliable, and more accurate, it is more pleasing to its users who want to try GPT-4.

  • Open ChatGPT and click on “Upgrade” in the bottom-left corner.
  • Click “Upgrade Plan” and proceed with your payment, which will cost you $20 monthly.
  • That is it!

Now you can start using ChatGPT with 4.5. On the ChatGPT page, toggle to enable the GPT-4 Model from the top navigation. You can also use ChatGPT for commercial use, and ChatGPT is going to be free, but there will also be some paid membership for those who can afford it and want a better experience.

However, there are some alternative apps and services available with the GPT-4 Model that you can use, such as ForeFront, Preplixity, Poe, Nat.dv, Merlin, Bing,, and more. The company uses its users’ data to train their AI model, which makes sense since it is free but also has a paid version. You can also control your chat history and other things.

Future of ChatGPT

So, yes, ChatGPT is free, and to safeguard users from inappropriate content, lawmakers are trying to regulate artificial intelligence by enforcing an established framework of rules to address concerns about AI’s potential risks to the economy, society, and national security. Also, to address these issues where people are generating AI content and submitting it, some schools and enterprises have already banned ChatGPT.

OpenAI has released the Classifier, a new AI classifier for detecting AI-written text. Apart from this, OpenAI has reportedly been working on a digital watermark for AI-generated content, and third-party apps for detecting AI content have been released and are available for free.

It will keep evolving, and we can expect GPT4.5 this year, and the company could finish training their GPT-5 by the end of this year, which is expected to bring a major upgrade, especially in terms of accuracy and data that claim to be a major advancement of AGI.

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