What is SciSpace AI?

Govind Dheda
What is SciSpace AI?


SciSpace AI, a revolutionary AI-powered research assistant designed to streamline the research process and empower academics, students, and scientists to unlock new frontiers of discovery.

What is SciSpace AI?

SciSpace AI, also known as SciSpace by Typeset, is an AI-driven platform that redefines the way researchers engage with scientific literature. Developed by a team of experts in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and scientific publishing, SciSpace AI leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide a comprehensive suite of tools and features tailored to the unique needs of the research community.

At its core, SciSpace AI acts as a virtual research assistant, guiding you through the intricate maze of scientific literature with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Whether you’re conducting a literature review, exploring emerging trends, or seeking deeper insights into complex research papers, this AI-powered platform is your ultimate copilot, empowering you to achieve breakthroughs and push the boundaries of scientific knowledge.

How Does SciSpace AI Work?

SciSpace AI operates through a powerful combination of advanced AI technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms. This sophisticated system allows the platform to understand and interpret complex scientific language, enabling it to provide accurate and insightful explanations, summaries, and analyses of research papers.

One of the key components of SciSpace AI is its AI Copilot, a virtual research assistant that can decode and translate complex academic language into simpler, more accessible explanations. This feature provides real-time explanations and instant answers, helping users navigate through scientific literature without the need to specify keywords or perform extensive searches.

Moreover, SciSpace AI employs advanced natural language processing techniques to enhance the literature review process. Users can upload PDFs, ask questions, highlight text to generate explanations and summaries, and discover related papers and citations. This functionality streamlines the literature review process, making it faster and more efficient, while ensuring that no critical information is overlooked.

SciSpace AI Features

SciSpace AI boasts a comprehensive set of features designed to revolutionize the research experience:

  • AI-Powered Copilot: The heart of SciSpace AI, this feature can decode research papers and translate complex academic language into simpler explanations, providing real-time assistance and instant answers.
  • Literature Review Enhancement: SciSpace AI allows users to upload PDFs, ask questions, highlight text to generate explanations and summaries, and discover related papers and citations, making literature reviews faster and more efficient.
  • Interactive Learning: The platform offers simplified technical language translation and interactive learning through preset and user-generated questions, enabling users to comprehend complex math and tables by allowing them to clip unfamiliar equations or tables for explanations.
  • Multi-Language Interaction: Users can interact with the Copilot in multiple languages, receiving explanations in their preferred language, breaking down language barriers and making scientific literature accessible to a broader audience.
  • Bookmarking and Personal Collection: SciSpace AI provides options for users to save articles and PDFs for future reference, creating a personal collection for easy access and organization of research materials and insights.
  • Collaborative Insights: Beyond being a research tool, SciSpace AI fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers, connecting them with publishers and providing structured metadata for over 200 million scientific articles, creating a network of connected and relevant papers.
  • AI-Powered Exploration: The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive AI features allow researchers to get instant answers and simple explanations for a better understanding of related topics.
  • Keyword-Free Search: SciSpace AI enables users to find relevant papers without specifying keywords, simplifying the discovery process and making it more intuitive.
  • Comprehensive Database: SciSpace AI hosts a robust searchable database with over 270 million papers, authors, topics, journals, and conferences, ensuring a vast wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Additional Tools: The platform offers a variety of additional features such as a plagiarism checker, journal submission tools, XML converters, and a selection of templates for research papers.

How to Use SciSpace AI

Using SciSpace AI is a straightforward and intuitive process, designed to empower researchers of all levels. Follow these simple steps to unlock the full potential of this AI-powered research assistant:

  • Sign Up and Log In: Visit the official SciSpace AI website and create an account by providing your email and setting a password. Once registered, log in using your credentials.
  • Input Your Research Topic: Use the search bar to enter your research topic or keywords related to your area of interest. This helps SciSpace AI understand your research needs and tailor its assistance accordingly.
  • Explore Related Research Papers: SciSpace AI will analyze its database and provide a curated list of articles related to your topic. Browsing through this list will help you gain insights and background information relevant to your research.
  • Generate Summaries and Highlights: For each paper, you can click on the “Generate Summary” or “Highlight” button to access these features, making it easier for you to grasp the key concepts and findings of the research papers.
  • Access References and Citations: SciSpace AI provides references and citations for the papers it analyzes, which you can access by clicking on the reference links. This allows you to explore additional sources and delve deeper into specific topics.
  • Analyze Research Trends: Utilize the “Research Trends” feature to identify emerging topics and advancements in your field of study, ensuring you stay updated with the latest research trends and contribute to the ongoing scientific dialogue.
  • Collaborate and Share Insights: Engage with the SciSpace AI community by participating in discussions, sharing your research insights, and collaborating with fellow researchers, fostering connections within your field and allowing you to contribute your expertise while learning from others.
  • Fine-Tune Your Research Parameters: Provide feedback on the relevance and quality of the suggested research papers to refine SciSpace AI’s recommendations, helping the AI system better understand your preferences and deliver more accurate results over time.
  • Stay Informed with Alerts and Notifications: Enable notifications and alerts from SciSpace AI to receive updates on new research papers, relevant conferences, and other important information in your research area, ensuring you never miss out on important developments.
  • Continuously Explore and Refine Your Research: Use SciSpace AI as an ongoing research assistant, continuously exploring new research papers, adapting your research focus, and refining your approach based on the insights and recommendations provided by the platform. This iterative process will help you stay at the forefront of your research field.

SciSpace AI Pricing

SciSpace AI offers various pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of individual researchers, teams, and institutions. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing structure:

SciSpace Premium:

Monthly Subscription: $12 per month

Annual Subscription: $8 per month, billed annually. This plan offers unlimited access to AI research tools, including the best answers from their High-Quality Model, unlimited Copilot messages, and literature review searches.

Discounts and Offers:

Yearly Discount: Users can get a flat $50 off on yearly plans with the coupon code SCI50.

Refund Policy: SciSpace offers a 7-day refund window after purchasing the SciSpace Premium subscription.

Additional Plans and Pricing:

Typeset Editor Plans: Separate from SciSpace Premium, focusing on formatting and editor tools. For detailed pricing on these plans, users are directed to a different section.

  • Free Plan: Offers limited access to Copilot answers from the standard model, limited Copilot messages, limited literature review searches, and limited paraphraser outputs. This plan requires no credit card for signup.
  • Team Plan: Starts at $6 per user per month, offering unlimited output previews, unrestricted downloads for all users, unlimited bibliography downloads, and more.
  • Publisher Plan: Custom pricing, designed for publishers, includes features like export in JATS XML, download in HTML, production PDF output, and more. The subscription starts at $199/month for 30 articles.

Additional Features and Support:

Priority Support: Included in premium plans, offering users quicker responses and assistance.

  • Turnitin Plagiarism Checks: Available in certain plans, providing a set number of checks per year to ensure the originality of the content.
  • Cancellation and Account Management: Users can cancel their subscription and manage their account settings directly through their profile on the SciSpace platform. The “My Account” page provides options to manage subscriptions, check plan status, and view previous invoices.


In the ever-evolving world of scientific research, SciSpace AI emerges as a game-changer, empowering researchers to navigate the complexities of scientific literature with unprecedented ease and efficiency. With its AI-powered Copilot, cutting-edge natural language processing capabilities, and a wealth of features designed to streamline the research process, SciSpace AI is poised to revolutionize the way we approach scientific discovery.

Whether you’re a student embarking on your first research project, an academic navigating intricate literature reviews, or a seasoned researcher seeking to push the boundaries of knowledge, SciSpace AI is your ultimate copilot, guiding you through the vast ocean of scientific literature and unlocking new frontiers of understanding.

Embrace the future of research with SciSpace AI and experience the power of AI-driven exploration, collaboration, and innovation. Unlock the potential of scientific discovery like never before and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements that shape the future of our world.

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