What is Rock Paper Scissors AI?

Arva Rangwala

An AI That Can Crack Your Rock Paper Scissors Strategy

Have you ever played Rock Paper Scissors against someone and thought you were being completely random and unpredictable with your moves, only to lose bafflingly? Well, a new web game powered by artificial intelligence might just expose how predictable human patterns can be to a discerning AI system.

The Rock Paper Scissors AI game is built using the Nuxt JS and Tailwind CSS frameworks. But the real intelligence comes from the Brain.js library, which allows a neural network model to analyze the player’s move sequences and identify patterns.

So how does it work?

The game starts simple – you just select rock, paper or scissors for your first move. From there, the AI begins watching for patterns to emerge in your choices. Are you subconsciously favoring rock over the other moves? Do you tend to cycle between the three options in a repeating sequence?

The neural network is tuned to pick up on these subtle habits. Some example patterns it can detect include:

  • Sticking to the same move repeatedly (e.g. rock, rock, rock)
  • Alternating between two moves (e.g. rock, scissors, rock, scissors)
  • Cycling through all three options (e.g. rock, scissors, paper, rock, scissors, paper)

Once your pattern is identified, the AI will actually adjust its gameplay strategy to counter and defeat your sequence of moves. So much for being unpredictable!

The key lesson here is that even patterns we think are random often contain detectable habits when examined by an intelligent system like a neural network. Our brains may be hard-wired with petit biases that this Rock Paper Scissors AI can expose.

You can try your luck against the pattern-sniffing AI yourself by cloning the source code from GitHub. Just don’t get demoralized when the AI starts legitimately outplaying your “random” sequences. As it turns out, true randomness is much harder to achieve than we think.

Final Words

The fact that an AI can quickly discern habits in something as basic as a sequence of Rock Paper Scissors moves shows how precisely these systems can parse data for non-obvious trends. Humans are incredibly pattern-forming beings, often without realizing it.

So while playing this Rock Paper Scissors AI game is fun and engaging, it also serves as a miniature example of machine learning’s potential. By training neural networks on large, complex datasets, we can uncover insights and predictions that would be nearly impossible for the human mind alone.

Whether applied to games, business, science, or any other field, machine learning pattern recognition represents a powerful tool for augmenting human intelligence and decision-making. And it all starts with something as rudimentary as breaking a Rock Paper Scissors strategy.

The next time you square off for a seemingly random round of Rock Paper Scissors, just remember – the AI may already be one step ahead of you. As this rock paper scissors AI game demonstrates, true randomness is an elusive trait, even for the most believing human minds. The rise of machine learning means our patterns and habits are finally being exposed.

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