Who Is The Founder Of Upliance AI?

Arva Rangwala

Upliance.ai, an innovative AI-powered home appliance startup, was founded by Mahek Mody and Mohit Sharma in 2021. The company has quickly made a name for itself in the smart home appliance industry, particularly with its flagship product, the AI cooking assistant known as “upliance.”

Mahek Mody: Co-Founder and CEO

Mahek Mody, the co-founder and CEO of upliance.ai, has a background as an executive at Ather Energy, where he gained significant experience in the technology and energy sectors. His tenure at Ather Energy, a company known for its electric vehicles, likely provided him with valuable insights into advanced technology and product development, which he has applied to his venture at upliance.ai. Mody’s leadership at upliance.ai has been pivotal in steering the company through its initial stages, including securing funding and navigating the product launch.

Mohit Sharma: Co-Founder

Mohit Sharma, co-founder of upliance.ai, previously worked at Chaayos, a popular chain of tea cafes in India. His experience at Chaayos, which is known for its blend of traditional and modern retail practices, might have equipped him with a unique perspective on consumer behavior and business operations. This experience is invaluable to upliance.ai as it seeks to innovate in the crowded home appliance market by integrating AI into everyday cooking practices.

Contributions and Vision

Both founders have combined their diverse experiences to create a product that aims to revolutionize home cooking. The upliance AI cooking assistant simplifies cooking by automating various tasks such as chopping, sautéing, blending, heating, and steaming, all controlled through a smart interface with access to hundreds of recipes. This device not only enhances cooking experiences but also aims to save time, a crucial commodity for modern households.

Under their leadership, upliance.ai has seen significant growth. The company launched its first product in 2023 and has been expanding its market presence rapidly. The founders have successfully raised multiple rounds of funding, with notable investors including Khosla Ventures, which has helped position the company for further expansion and innovation.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Mahek Mody and Mohit Sharma aim to continue innovating and expanding their product offerings. They envision upliance.ai becoming a staple in smart homes, not just in India but globally, by integrating more AI-driven features that cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers.

In summary, the founders of upliance.ai, Mahek Mody and Mohit Sharma, bring a blend of expertise from their previous roles, which has been crucial in shaping the company’s direction and success. Their backgrounds in technology and consumer services have provided a strong foundation for creating a product that aims to transform the kitchen into a smart, efficient, and enjoyable space.

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