Meta’s New AI Assistant Goes Global

Arva Rangwala

Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has launched a powerful new artificial intelligence assistant called Meta AI. Until now, this AI was only available in the United States, but Meta is expanding it to over a dozen countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, and South Africa.

The brains behind Meta AI is something called Llama 3 – an advanced language model that allows the AI to understand and respond to users incredibly quickly and accurately. Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg describes Meta AI as the “most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use.”

So what can this AI actually do? A lot! It can help you find restaurants, plan trips, study for exams, and even generate design ideas. Essentially, it’s like having a super-smart digital assistant to help with all sorts of tasks.

But Meta AI isn’t just a standalone app – it’s integrated right into Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. That means you can access it directly from within those apps without having to switch between different programs. Meta has also created a dedicated website for Meta AI and partnered with Google and Bing to provide real-time information.

One of the coolest features of Meta AI is its ability to create images from just text descriptions. It’s called the “Imagine” feature, and it’s like having an AI artist at your fingertips. As you type out a description, the AI will generate an image in real-time, bringing your vision to life. And it doesn’t stop there – Meta AI can also animate those images, change their styles, and even turn them into GIFs!

Right now, the Imagine feature is in beta testing on WhatsApp and the Meta AI website. But that’s not all – Meta is also working on making Meta AI available on its virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest, and plans to integrate it with its upcoming Meta smart glasses from Ray-Ban. This means you could potentially interact with the AI in even more immersive and interactive ways in the future.

So whether you’re looking for a digital assistant to help with everyday tasks, a creative tool to bring your ideas to life, or just a super-smart AI to chat with, Meta AI seems poised to offer something for everyone. And with its global expansion, people worldwide can soon experience this cutting-edge technology for themselves.

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