Is Janitor AI Down?

Arva Rangwala

Janitor AI Website Faces Widespread Outages and Login Problems

It seems like Janitor AI is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Users have reported issues such as the site being down, laggy performance, and various error messages popping up while trying to use the service.

The AI chatbot website Janitor AI has been experiencing major technical issues since 2-3 days, according to numerous user reports. Many users have complained about being unable to log into their accounts, with some getting kicked out of their accounts unexpectedly during conversations.

The problems appear to range from slow website loading times and error messages when trying to send messages, to the website becoming completely blank or not loading at all. Several users reported seeing error messages like “{}” or “load failed” when attempting to log in.

“I got logged out just out of nowhere and I don’t have the option to login again,” one frustrated user commented. Another said, “I can’t log in :/ will this go away?”

Some speculated the issues could be due to website maintenance, but Janitor AI has not provided any official communication about planned downtime. Users across different regions including the U.S. and U.K. reported being affected.

The login and functionality problems have been an ongoing issue, with some users stating the website is down around 60-80% of the time recently. “If the site isn’t bugging out they’re messing with it… it’s really getting old,” one long-time user remarked.

Janitor AI has received mixed reviews on reliability lately, with ratings covering the whole spectrum from 5 stars (“It’s a very good site when it’s not down 80% of the time”) to 2 stars (“I don’t like the constant bugs tbh”).

The company responded by putting up a message on twitter saying that their servers are down, and that we should wait a bit as their technical department are trying to solve the issues. Users are eagerly awaiting a fix to be able to reliably access the AI chatbots again. Let’s see what happens next!

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