How To Turn Off Meta AI?

Arva Rangwala

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the tech world, Meta has officially integrated its AI chatbot into popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. While some have welcomed this latest development with open arms, others have raised concerns about privacy and the desire for control over their online experiences. If you fall into the latter category, worry not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of How To Turn Off Meta AI or limit Meta AI’s presence on your favorite apps.

What is Meta AI?

Meta AI is a virtual assistant powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. It’s designed to help you with a wide range of tasks, from planning trips and dinners to writing Instagram captions. While this feature might be appealing to some, others may find it intrusive or simply prefer the traditional way of navigating these apps.

How Does Meta AI Work?

Meta AI integrates seamlessly into your favorite social media platforms, often replacing or appearing alongside the traditional search bar. When you type in a search query or ask a question, Meta AI attempts to provide relevant responses or suggestions, leveraging its AI capabilities to understand and interpret your intent.

How To Turn Off Meta AI?

Disabling Meta AI on Instagram

If you’re an Instagram user who prefers to keep things old-school, here’s how you can disable Meta AI on the platform:

  1. Tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the Instagram app to initiate a search.
  2. Click the blue arrow to send a message to Meta AI.
  3. Reply with “I don’t need your help. I want to search the old way.”
  4. Tap on the Meta AI name in the top left corner, then tap “profile” and block Meta AI.
  5. Return to your search, and you should be able to search the old-fashioned way without Meta AI’s interference.

If this method doesn’t work for you, try this alternative suggestion from Reddit: Tap on the Meta AI button, then long-press on one of its responses and select “Remove.”

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Disabling Meta AI on Facebook

Facebook has one of the most prominent Meta AI integrations, making it a little trickier to disable entirely. However, you can still limit its presence and maintain control over your experience.

Identifying Meta AI on Facebook

Meta AI on Facebook is recognizable by its iridescent circle logo. It may appear in the following ways:

  • Suggested searches: When you click on the magnifying glass icon, you’ll see AI-powered suggested searches marked with the Meta AI logo.
  • Feed interruptions: You may see cards or footers in your feed prompting you to use Meta AI.

Managing Meta AI on Facebook

While there’s no straightforward way to disable Meta AI on Facebook entirely, you can take the following steps to minimize its impact:

  1. Avoid clicking on Meta AI suggestions: When searching, avoid clicking on suggestions with the Meta AI logo. This will prevent you from entering a chat with the AI assistant.
  2. Rate and remove Meta AI responses: If you do end up in a chat with Meta AI, long-press on its responses to rate, remove, pin, or copy them.
  3. Group owners can remove Meta AI: If you’re a group owner, you can stop Meta AI from latching onto your posts by going to the group settings and removing the Meta AI feature.

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Disabling Meta AI on Messenger and WhatsApp

Meta AI’s integration on Messenger and WhatsApp is much more subtle and easy to manage.

  1. Delete the Meta AI conversation: Simply delete your conversation with Meta AI, just like you would with any other contact. This will remove the AI assistant from your contacts list.
  2. Ignore the Meta AI icon: While a small icon may remain in the app’s UI to allow you to start a new conversation, you can safely ignore it if you don’t want to engage with Meta AI.

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Control and Choice

While Meta AI may offer convenient features for some users, it’s essential to recognize that not everyone may want to embrace this technology. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can take control of your online experience and decide whether to engage with Meta AI or stick to the traditional methods of navigating these apps.

Remember, the choice is yours! Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who prefers to keep things simple, Meta has promised that you can continue to use their platforms as you’ve always done, with or without the AI assistant.


Meta’s introduction of AI chatbots on popular social media platforms is a testament to this balance. While some users may welcome this new feature with open arms, others may prefer to maintain a more traditional online experience.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can take control of your AI experience and tailor it to your preferences. Whether you choose to disable Meta AI entirely or selectively engage with it, the power is in your hands.

Remember, technology should enhance our lives, not dictate them. By embracing control and choice, you can navigate the digital world on your own terms, ensuring that your online experience remains enjoyable, productive, and tailored to your unique needs.

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