How to Disable Meta AI on Facebook

How to Disable Meta AI on Facebook

Facebook’s parent company Meta is increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) across its platforms, including for features like content recommendation, ads, and messaging assistants. If you’re concerned about your data being used to train Meta’s AI systems, there are some steps you can take to limit this:

1. Opt Out of AI Data Training

Meta has a “Generative AI Data Subject Rights” form in its Privacy Center that allows you to request that your personal data not be used to train its AI models. This prevents your data from being used for AI training going forward.

2. Manage Off-Facebook Activity 

The Off-Facebook Activity tool lets you view and clear data that Facebook receives about your activity on other apps and websites. You can also turn off future off-Facebook activity linking to your account.

3. Adjust Ad Preferences

Go to Ad Preferences to control the ads you see, including those personalized based on data from partners and your activity on Meta’s products.

4. Clear History and Disconnect Future Activity

In your Facebook settings, look for options to clear your past browsing and search history. You can also disconnect future activity from being associated with your account.

5. Delete Data in Messenger 

If using AI chat features in Messenger, you can type “/reset-ai” in a conversation to delete the data from that chat.

6. Submit Removal Requests

Contact Meta’s support if you need to request removal of specific data related to AI usage that you cannot manage through the self-service tools.

7. Explore Legal Options 

Depending on your region’s data privacy laws, you may have additional rights to restrict how your data is used for AI training and development.

While Meta’s increasing AI capabilities are deeply embedded in how its products operate, taking some or all of these steps can help limit your personal data’s contribution to training its AI systems. However, no option currently allows completely deactivating all AI-powered features.

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