How To Avoid Data Sharing On AI-Powered Bing Chat with Microsoft Or OpenAI?

Arva Rangwala

After months of testing the Bing AI Chatbot and with increasing concerns about the security of confidential data, Microsoft officially announced the Bing AI Chatbot for Edge Enterprise at the Inspire event. Many companies, such as Apple, Samsung, and other major tech giants, have banned AI in their workspaces because employees’ risk confidential data. As we all know, OpenAI stores every prompt and data you submit through prompts to train their AI language model. These data are also used to generate responses.

Microsoft developed a dedicated Bing AI chatbot built into Edge Enterprise. This is for users who want to use AI in their workspace but don’t want to share their data with the company. In recent months, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has seen major growth. They integrate AI into various apps and services, including Windows, Edge, Microsoft 365, GitHub, Teams, and others.

Why Businesses need to Use Bing Chat Enterprise Instead of Bing Chat

For general users, Bing Chat is enough to solve their queries, but businesses have more complicated queries. Businesses have several confidential pieces of information they don’t want to post online. This is especially with tools like AGI, which store and train your data to improve. Also, there is no workaround to avoid using chatbots privately since your prompt needs to be sent to the AGI server.

This is why it’s so necessary to use Bing Chat Enterprise. This is especially true for businesses that want to avoid other companies knowing or accessing their business information. Additionally, cybercrime has increased because such information is fed into OpenAI servers like AGI. It is always advised not to share your financial details, confidential information about your workspace, passwords, residential details, or other personal data.

Bing Chat Enterprise

Microsoft officially unveiled Bing AI Chat earlier this year, leveraging OpenAI’s advanced GPT LLM model. Initially, there was a waitlist, but now anyone can take advantage of it directly from the website. If the user is using Microsoft Edge, they can install it in their browser from the icon in the upper-right corner of the browser. As OpenAI stored users’ data to train its AI model, there was a risk of privacy and confidential data leakage. Microsoft announced the Enterprise Edition for businesses to allow Bing AI on their workstations.

It works identically to consumer-owned Bing, except it handles confidential information by not storing your data. Microsoft implemented commercial data protection that will not leak data to outside organisations. This will be available to everyone at the end of this month. Once it is available, you can use it as a normal Bing Chat. This means you can generate content like text, graphics, charts, and images by entering prompts in natural language.

Microsoft integrated Bing Chat Enterprise into Microsoft Edge Enterprise for professional use and to protect the safe sharing of potentially sensitive information from the AI chatbot.

How to Use Bing’s AI ChatBot Without Risking Your Sensitive Data

Without risking confidential data to train AI or sharing it with other users, you can use AI without worrying about data privacy. This is with the latest update to Microsoft Edge Enterprise.

  • Download Microsoft Edge Enterprise.
  • Log in with your organisation’s email or with emails that have Microsoft 365 subscriptions.
  • Finish the basic setup of Microsoft Edge.
  • After that, head over to Bing Chat, or you can use the Microsoft Copilot that appears in the upper-right corner to access Bing Chat Enterprise.
    • For this, it will use the Microsoft Account that you used to sign in to your Edge browser.
  • From there, you can start entering prompts to generate content.
  • That’s it!

If it is not appearing on your Bing Chat Enterprise, contact your admin to ask them to enable Bing Chat Enterprise for you. The company is rolling out Bing Chat Enterprise to all 160 million Microsoft 365 subscribers beginning Tuesday. Next month, the company will roll this out as the default for all Microsoft 365 users. However, they can disable it if they want to.

Bing Chat Enterprise will not store user data and remain protected within the organisation. Since it does not store user data, the company will not use it to train its AI models. Employees can use Bing AI without sharing proprietary or confidential information with OpenAI.

Note: It will not have any history or option to resume your conversation with the Bing AI Chat since it does not store data.

According to a report, more than 70% of employees want to automate repetitive tasks and use Artificial Generative Intelligence to boost their productivity. Most of the Microsoft Enterprise part is quite similar to the Consumer Edge version. However, you pay $5 per user per month as a Microsoft 365 add-on as expected. However, if you already have Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Business Premium, E3, and E5 licences, there is no additional cost.

From the beginning, Microsoft Edge Enterprise aimed to address the privacy and security concerns of businesses, and the same was true when the company launched Edge Copilot for Microsoft Enterprise.

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