Hanuman AI Launches In 98 Global Languages

Arva Rangwala

India’s new ‘Hanuman AI’ can speak many languages and may help millions of people

India has made a new artificial intelligence (AI) system called ‘Hanuman AI’. This system can understand and respond in 98 languages from around the world, including 12 major Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil.

What is Hanuman AI?

Hanuman AI is a special kind of AI that can understand human language and respond like a human would. It uses advanced language technology called Large Language Models. These models learn from huge amounts of data to comprehend many languages.

Why is it Important?

Most Indians don’t speak English well. So normal AI assistants that only know English can’t help them. But Hanuman AI knows Indian languages, so it can assist millions of Indians in their own languages. This makes AI technology accessible to everyone in India.

Who Made It?

The Indian company SML India and a company from Abu Dhabi called 3AI Holding made Hanuman AI together. They named it after the powerful Hindu god Hanuman to show its strength in helping people.

Partners and Goals SML

India partnered with big tech companies like HP and NASSCOM to develop Hanuman AI. They aim to get 200 million users for Hanuman AI in just one year!

The partners are also working with the government of Telangana to translate official documents between English and Telugu using Hanuman AI.

Many Uses Hanuman AI can be used for casual chatting, getting advice, tutoring students, computer programming and much more. It may help improve healthcare, government services, banking and education by adding AI capabilities in Indian languages.

The Future Hanuman AI shows India’s progress in AI technology. By speaking Indian languages, this system can bring the power of AI to the masses in India. It may inspire more AI innovations suited for India’s diversity.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

To ensure the success of Hanuman AI and accelerate its global impact, SML India has forged strategic partnerships with leading technology companies and organizations. These collaborations include:

  1. HP: The tech giant will contribute its expertise and resources to support Hanuman AI’s development and deployment.
  2. NASSCOM: The partnership with NASSCOM, the premier trade body for the Indian IT industry, aims to foster AI startups, drive fintech innovation, engage with 3,000 colleges, and participate in research programs.
  3. Yotta: This partnership will provide GPU cloud infrastructure to bolster SML India’s operations, ensuring seamless performance and scalability.
  4. Government of Telangana and DARPG: Hanuman AI will collaborate with the Government of Telangana and the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) to facilitate seamless translation between English and Telugu, enhancing accessibility and understanding of crucial documents like court orders.

The Global Impact of Hanuman AI

The launch of Hanuman AI in 98 global languages marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards becoming a global AI powerhouse. By leveraging the country’s rich linguistic and cultural heritage, this homegrown platform has the potential to shape the future of artificial intelligence and drive innovation across various domains worldwide.

As the world continues to embrace the transformative power of AI, Hanuman AI stands as a shining example of India’s commitment to harnessing this technology for the greater good of its diverse population and the world at large. With its ability to transcend language barriers, this linguistic marvel promises to usher in a new era of global inclusion, empowerment, and technological advancement.

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