Mango AI Review

Pradip Maheshwari
Mango AI Review

As someone who’s always on the lookout for innovative AI tools, I recently stumbled upon Mango AI and decided to give it a thorough test drive. In this review, I’ll share my first-hand experience with the platform, diving into its features, pricing, and how it stacks up against the competition. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or just curious about what’s out there, I hope my insights will help you decide if Mango AI is right for you.

What is Mango AI?

Before we dive in, let’s clarify what Mango AI is. It’s essentially a search platform that helps users discover and access a wide variety of AI tools and services. Think of it as a Google for AI tools, spanning categories from logo design to image generation and beyond.


One of the first things that struck me about Mango AI was its intuitive search feature. I found myself quickly locating AI tools based on simple keywords. For instance, when I searched for “logo design,” I was presented with a curated list of AI-powered logo creation tools. This streamlined process saved me countless hours I might have spent scouring the internet for these tools individually.

Another feature I appreciated was the ability to directly access specific, well-known AI tools. When I searched for “ChatGPT,” Mango AI provided me with a direct link to the platform. This feature is particularly useful for users who know exactly what they’re looking for but want a quick and reliable way to access it.

Diverse Tool Categories

As I explored Mango AI, I was impressed by the sheer variety of AI tools available. From content creation and image editing to data analysis and coding assistants, the platform seems to cover almost every conceivable AI application. This diversity makes Mango AI a one-stop-shop for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Video Creation Tool

While Mango AI primarily serves as a search platform, I was intrigued to discover that they offer their own AI-powered video creation tool. This feature sets Mango AI apart from other AI search platforms and adds significant value for users interested in video content creation.


Mango AI’s core search functionality is completely free to use, which is a huge plus. You only need an internet connection to start exploring their vast database of AI tools. However, their proprietary video creation tool does come with different pricing tiers:

Starter Plan: $4.90/month

  • Ideal for personal use or small projects
  • 10 minutes of video production at 720p
  • Basic avatar customization

Pro Plan: $19/month

  • Geared towards small businesses and content creators
  • Unlimited video minutes (when billed annually)
  • 1080p video quality
  • More avatar customization options

Enterprise Plan: $99/month

  • Designed for larger teams and professional use
  • Bulk video creation capabilities
  • Up to 4K video resolution
  • Priority customer support

These plans offer flexibility for different user needs and budgets. I found the Pro plan to be particularly good value for money, especially for those who plan to create videos regularly.

Comparison with Other Platforms

To give you a broader perspective, I compared Mango AI with Openfuture AI, another platform in the AI tool search space.

User Interface

Mango AI shines with its clean, user-friendly interface. I found it much easier to navigate compared to Openfuture AI, which seemed to cater more to users with technical backgrounds.

Tool Coverage

While both platforms offer a wide range of AI tools, I noticed that Mango AI seemed to have a slight edge in terms of the sheer number of tools available. However, Openfuture AI appeared to offer more in-depth information about each tool.

Target Audience

Mango AI feels more accessible to the general public, making it a great starting point for those new to AI tools. Openfuture AI, on the other hand, seems to target users looking for more specialized and complex AI solutions.

Additional Features

Mango AI’s video creation tool is a unique offering that sets it apart from Openfuture AI. This feature could be a deciding factor for users interested in AI-powered video production.

Pros and Cons

After spending considerable time with Mango AI, here’s my breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:


  • Extensive database of AI tools across various categories
  • User-friendly search functionality
  • Direct access to popular AI platforms
  • Free to use for basic search features
  • Proprietary video creation tool with flexible pricing plans
  • Potential to become a leading AI search platform


  • Some users have reported negative experiences, claiming scam-like behavior
  • The challenge of maintaining an up-to-date and accurate tool database
  • Less detailed information on individual tools compared to some competitors
  • Limited customer support options, especially for free users

My Overall Impression

After thoroughly testing Mango AI, I can say that it’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring the world of AI tools. Its user-friendly interface and vast database make it easy to discover new AI applications, while the direct access to popular tools saves time and frustration.

The addition of their own video creation tool is a clever move, offering users not just a search platform but also a practical AI tool they can use right away. The pricing for this tool seems reasonable, especially considering the features offered in the Pro and Enterprise plans.

However, it’s worth noting the negative experiences reported by some users. While I didn’t encounter any issues during my testing, potential users should proceed with caution and perhaps start with the free features before committing to a paid plan.

In conclusion, Mango AI has the potential to become a go-to platform for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its strengths in user experience and tool diversity outweigh its current limitations. As the platform continues to evolve and address user concerns, it could very well cement its place as a leader in the AI tool discovery space.

Whether you’re a seasoned AI professional or just starting to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, Mango AI offers a convenient and comprehensive starting point. Give it a try, and you might just discover your new favorite AI tool!

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